The Olympus Corporation logo[1]

The Olympus Corporation is a manufacturer of optical equipment such as video recorders, cameras, and microscopes. It was founded in Japan in the year 1919 as Takachiho Seisakusho, but changed its name to Olympus Corporation in 1949.[2]

Greco-Roman Culture ReferenceEdit

Mt. Olympus was the home to the Greek Gods in Greek Mythology, as was Mt. Takachico in Japanese mythology.[3] Since the names of mythologically significant mountains were used as names for the company, it can be inferred that the products that Olympus manufactures are worthy of the Gods.

Additionally, in Greek mythology, the Gods wanted to be known by the humans so they could be worshipped properly. Since Olympus in best known for its camera products, a conclusion can be tied that the images that Olympus cameras produce are more than images, but realistic and clear, like how the Greek Gods wanted to be portrayed as to the people. They didn't want to be mere images to humans, but to be real, in mythology. Olympus cameras surpassed the level of "image" to the level of "reality," which is what all cameras should aim to capture.


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